Harmony Revival Supported Living Services Limited

Mental Health Needs

For people with mental health conditions, Harmony Revival Supported Living Services Limited offers a variety of residential and community-based support services in settings that are secure, therapeutic, and structured. We want to enable people to take control of their lives, enjoy sustainable independence, and believe in their potential by offering a care pathway that puts recovery first.

Some people with mental health issues receive support from us in their own homes, while others need specialised supported housing to help them heal and grow. Our services are centred on recovery, social inclusion, enablement, and personal development, with a focus on designing specialised support to meet a person’s specific needs.

We understand that everyone is affected by mental health conditions in very different ways, so to meet this challenge, we have a variety of services created to meet different needs, such as:

  • Innovative support initiatives in a secure and nurturing setting
  • Independent living in a secure environment
  • Opportunities for transition to supported living and community involvement
  • Healthcare services by independent hospitals
  • Assistance with obtaining education and paid employment opportunities.
  • Progression along a care pathway allows each person to reach their full potential.
  • Assistance from a multidisciplinary team

How we provide support

If you have a mental health condition, getting the right support can help you recover and reduce your symptoms. For other people, receiving the appropriate support means being able to learn coping mechanisms that can significantly improve their daily lives. Through our care, support, and availability of therapy services, we can contribute to the achievement of these worthwhile results.

A highly qualified team with experience in supporting people with mental health conditions supports each individual. When people use our service, we use person-centred care plans to make sure they get the right amount of support. People are urged to participate in their plans as well as to express their goals and aspirations and the steps necessary to achieve them.